What Is a Full Agreement?

When you decide to get a divorce, and your spouse agrees with you, working to resolve any disagreements is crucial to a quick and cost-effective divorce. Full agreement occurs when you and your spouse are able to resolve every issue of your divorce.

What are divorce issues?

Divorcing spouses deal with multiple issues. Not only can these issues be emotionally charged, but they can also be legally complex. Some of the issues you may encounter include the following:

  • Dividing up assets and debts
  • Deciding who stays in the marital home
  • Determining child custody and support
  • Determining alimony or spousal support/maintenance

Coming to a full agreement on all issues, large and small, is crucial for smooth sailing toward the next chapter of your life. When you agree on all issues, you spend less time in court bickering over these matters, making divorce an easier and less costly experience.

Roadblocks to full agreement

Even if you believe you and your spouse are amicable, when it comes to actual divorce negotiations, there are some hot-button issues that could threaten your ability to come to a full agreement. What are they?

  • Custody
  • Dividing family heirlooms
  • Any financial matter

While there are other major issues to resolve in your divorce, the above three are often the most contentious, even for amicable divorces. Whenever children are involved, a full agreement is more challenging. 

The same is true of any financial matter, whether it’s child support, alimony, or how to divide assets. Finances can turn even the most friendly couples into bitter enemies.

Keep in mind that you have control over the course of your divorce proceedings, even if you can’t reach a full agreement. One of the best options to consider is mediation. 


How mediation can help

Mediation is often ordered by a court when spouses cannot reach a full agreement on their own. But even if a court hasn’t ordered you to participate in mediation, it may be a wise idea to do so. 

Mediators are skilled at helping parties understand that resolution is in everyone’s best interest. Often, a mediator can help you resolve disputes and even reach a full agreement so you and your spouse can quickly and efficiently get divorced.

To help our clients reach full agreement, Hello Divorce offers guidance and support, including flat-rate mediation services. Our mission is to help you feel less stress and incur less cost while avoiding court and the time drain that comes with it.

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