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Unlimited access to our curated library of resources.
15 minute strategy session with divorce lawyer.
Unlimited access to our DIY videos where we break down the divorce process step by step.
Unlimited downloads of all our forms & document templates.
Our legal team works with you to prepare, file and process your divorce documents.
Trained paralegals will streamline the process for you using the latest and greatest technology.
Unlimited legal coaching, support calculation, mediation consulting, document review, pep talks and virtual hugs.

How do I sign up?

Choose the membership option you would like above. If you choose Starter Membership, you will be asked to enter your email address. We also ask you a couple of optional questions about where you are in the divorce process to help us customize your experience. If you choose DIY Divorce, Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits, you will be asked for your email address, personal information and payment information.

Why fixed fees for legal services?

Most lawyers charge retainers (a deposit on services) and then bill all work on the case in tenths of an hour. If your retainer is exhausted, an additional retainer is demanded or bills become due as incurred. With a flat fee, you know exactly what the cost will be – no hidden or unpredictable fees.

How do I know what level of membership I need?

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, sign up as a free Starter Member. You’ll get a free 15 minute strategy session with one of our experienced attorneys who will talk to you about where you are in the process, how complicated (or not) your divorce is and what your personal and financial goals are. From there, they will help you decide on the course of action that works for you.

The divorce process feels so overwhelming. Will I be able to navigate the process on my own?

Yes, you can. First, you aren’t alone — we’re here when you need us. Second, we break down each stage into manageable, guided steps and provide strategy and support through court hearings and mediation. With our Divorce Navigator, you will be able to track where you are in the process and what you need to complete before you will be officially divorced. That being said, it does require you take initiative and stay the course. If your case becomes particularly complicated or overwhelming, we advise that you hire an attorney for full representation.

When do I pay?

Our starter membership is free. You do not pay unless you sign up for one of our premium memberships or purchase an a la carte legal service. You pay for a month of premium membership at the outset of that month and monthly on the same date. You can cancel DIY Divorce membership at any time. Payment is due for our a la carte legal services in order to commence services. Once you complete the check out process, you will be sent a link to our intake form and/or online scheduler.

How do I cancel or downgrade my membership?

You can cancel your DIY Divorce membership at any time by visiting the My Account page and choosing “Cancel” where DIY Divorce is listed. While you can also cancel your Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits membership, if you are on the installment plan and you choose to cancel, you will no longer receive the legal services associated with that membership.

Can I just stick with a la carte services?

Sure. If you feel confident that you can navigate the forms and process on your own, sign up for our free membership. When (or if) you need a second opinion, a (legal) pep talk, review of any of your forms and/or help with strategy — purchase one of our flat fee services and you’ll be on your way.

Who prepares the legal documents?

Our experienced team of family law attorneys and paralegals prepare all documents. Before any document is approved, a lead family law attorney reviews and revises the documents as necessary.

How is Hello Divorce different from other websites that prepare divorce forms?

Forms are not just completed – they are strategized and prepared according to your legal and financial needs. We are not form generating software – we are real humans, with real experience, walking you through each stage of divorce and carefully preparing, reviewing and revising your forms.

Can legal coaching and/or mediation be done by telephone?

Yes. All of our consulting, coaching and mediation services can be done by telephone or online video conferencing at times that are convenient for you. You book online and choose from day and evening options.

My divorce is contested, can I still use Hello Divorce?

As long as you have good follow through, are comfortable delegating tasks that are legally complex and want to maintain control over your divorce, Hello Divorce can help. We offer tons of resources and tools to help you strategize your best position, see where you have leverage, review tips for negotiations and court hearings and prepare your documents. If you don’t want to go the full DIY route, we offer legal coaching and document preparation or review. Of course, if your divorce gets super complicated and/or you have domestic violence in your relationship, we recommend you consider using Hello Divorce only for second opinions and instead opt for full representation.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

Fees to third parties are excluded from our membership price (although we are happy to facilitate payment). California courts charge a filing fee for a divorce petition and response (currently $435) unless you qualify for a fee waiver. If you utilize a process server to deliver your filed documents to your spouse, you should expect an additional fee of approximately $75 – $100.

My spouse and I are interested in online mediation, how do we sign up?

The first step is to get a flat fee quote for our mediation services. We will respond with a quote and more information. From there you can discuss with your spouse and decide whether mediation is right for you.

Is the Hello Divorce Divorce designed for couples?

No. While both partners can sign up, the process is designed for individual journeys. If you and your spouse want to work through the divorce together, check out our Mediation program.

I have another question that isn't answered here. How can I reach you?

Feel free to email us at Note that we won’t be able to provide legal advice or strategy but are happy to advise you on our process and services.

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