Support Through Your Entire Divorce

If your spouse has started a divorce with us, we can help you too! Our mission is to help both spouses understand the divorce process, stay on track, play fair, and keep your divorce kinder and cheaper than "lawyering up".

The Petition

Divorces start with a petition. You may have received one from us by email or mail. To start the mandatory waiting period for you divorce you need to acknowledge that you received the petition.

Acknowledging does not mean you agree with the petition!

After you acknowledge the petition you can decide if:

  • You want to file a response
  • You want to proceed to financial disclosures

Want our help with these steps? Learn more here

Decide if you will file a Response

(You're likely here)

Responding to a Petition with a Response means you tell the court your updated version of the divorce information. Most of our clients choose to respond if they disagree with something in the Petition (like a spouse's request for support) or they think the divorce might become contested.
There are some special cases regarding the Response - check your state here.
After you are served the Petition or you sign the Acknowledgement or Waiver you can:

Do you have other questions? We offer connections to legal experts. Scheduling a 30-minute session with an attorney may help you better understand your options.

Complete Financial Disclosures

Most states require both parties to complete an overview of finances and exchange it with their spouse. This includes:

  • Incomes
  • Deductions
  • Assets
  • Debts
In some states you may be able to waive financial disclosures, you can learn more here.

Want help? We got you.

Answer easy questions with our software to create all the forms you need. We can handle the review, filing with the court, and even serving too.

Will our divorce services actually help you?

Yes. We’ve designed Hello Divorce so nobody needs a lawyer to complete a divorce - but our team is on standby to provide extra help, just in case.

An uncontested divorce is the cheapest, easiest, and most straightforward option for everyone.

Our solutions-minded experts don't require retaining fees, are available by the hour, and are there for support before, during, and after divorce. Their goal is to support you and keep you out of the courtroom.


Court filing fees vary by county and state and are not included in the divorce plan price.

File a Response

If you'd like our help to respond to your spouse's Petition, we have you covered. Use our software to create your Response, then have a Hello Divorce Account Coordinator review, file, and serve the paperwork. You should respond to the Petition within your state's deadline, which is typically 20-30 days.

Upgrade to Plus

Want to join your spouse on a more peaceful journey to divorce? If your spouse started with our Pro plan (and filed on their own), our Plus plan includes your paperwork for the divorce as well as your spouse's, and professional filing, serving, and review of your forms. All done online and out of court.

Try Mediation

Mediation is a great way to get to an agreement without expensive lawyers or having a judge make a ruling for you. Our mediators are trained to get you and your spouse to an agreement that works for you both – efficiently and with fairness in mind. Mediators can help with parenting plans, custody, support numbers and asset division.  

How does Hello Divorce compare to lawyers?

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