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What Is a Private Judge?

Get your divorce decree (judgment) processed quickly and efficiently. 

A private judge is a lawyer or retired judge who is hired by parties involved in a legal dispute. Their job is to review your agreement privately and outside of a traditional courtroom. This option is often used in divorces where parties desire a more efficient and private legal process.

Quick tip: If you and your spouse are getting close to an agreement on divorce-related issues like property and custody, you can sign up for a private judge now to speed up the process.

How do you work with a private judge?

1. Prepare & finalize your divorce paperwork

Once you and your spouse have agreements on all of your divorce terms, you will finalize your agreement with our software, a mediator or lawyer.

2. Submit your paperwork to your account coordinator

They will help you decide if the private judge option is right for you, then coordinate with your county and a private judge and tell you the timeframe to expect.

3. Finalize your divorce – quickly

Easily sign and notarize paperwork online requesting that the public court authorize a private judge to enter in a date of divorce. Your private judge will then review and sign your divorce forms, making your agreement enforceable.

What are the benefits of hiring a private judge?


Get divorced faster.

Court delays are common. If your paperwork is ready, you can hire a private judge to review and sign off on your divorce in as little as two weeks.*


Have more control.

You and your spouse can choose your date of divorce,* circumvent court wait times, and avoid possible delays and additional requests for information that are sometimes caused by confusing and inconsistent local court policies.


Reduce stress & uncertainty

Leaving things up to the court system can be incredibly frustrating. Some courts are backlogged and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to speed up your paperwork – except hire a private judge. Then, you’ll know when you can expect your final decree.

 *Legal waiting period still applies.

Please note, this service cannot be used for Summary Dissolution divorces or true default divorces.

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