Webinar Replay: No Such Thing As a Perfect Divorce Lawyer

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You've likely received the message: "Divorce is complicated, you need a lawyer"... but ask around and those who have been there say something like, "My lawyer sucked." Why? Divorce lawyers tend to be:

  • Expensive
  • Slow
  • Stuck in the system
  • Focused on "winning" instead of "resolving"

Like any profession, there are good and bad lawyers. There are also well-intentioned lawyers that still won't meet your needs. Lawyers know you are cost-conscious and so they limit communications to billable hour works focused on the WIN (not client satisfaction).

But consumers are getting smarter, regulations are starting to change, and tech innovation is here. In this webinar, we talk #divorcegoals. Most people want:

  • An affordable divorce
  • Low conflict
  • To protect their interests
  • A fair settlement

    So how do we get there? Watch this webinar replay to find out how to get the legal, emotional and financial help you need (without paying for what you don't need).