Entertainment Tonight: Tips for Ending a Relationship Successfully

Our founder and CEO, Erin Levine, spoke with ET (Entertainment Tonight) to talk about the right (and wrong) ways to end a relationship. She also opened up about her experiences with the legal system, which prompted her to start Hello Divorce as a kinder, less expensive, and less contentious way to divorce.

In the ET article, learn about:

  • How Hello Divorce helps spouses divorce smarter.
  • The celebrity couple Erin thinks divorced as successfully as possible.
  • Erin's top tips for those going through the divorce process.
  • Simple ways to allow both spouses and children to thrive after divorce.

Read the full article on Entertainment Tonight here.

Divorce Specialists
After spending years in toxic and broken family law courts, and seeing that no one wins when “lawyer up,” we knew there was an opportunity to do and be better. We created Hello Divorce to the divorce process easier, affordable, and completely online. Our guiding principles are to make sure both spouses feel heard, supported, and set up for success as they move into their next chapter in life.