Understanding the Divorce Process for Spouses

Your spouse has chosen our company, Hello Divorce, to help them with the divorce process. Below, you’ll find info that explains the process and your options on how to proceed.

Divorce Process Overview

Being served the Petition

Your spouse filed the Petition with the court, and now you were served the Petition. You will now need to sign and return the Acknowledgment form that we included with the Petition.

This form simply acknowledges that you accepted service via mail. You aren’t agreeing to anything by signing this. The date you sign this document starts the clock on CA’s 6-month, mandatory waiting period before your divorce can be finalized.

Optional: Filing a Response

Generally, if spouses expect to come to an agreement during the divorce process or there is nothing stated in the Petition that needs to be challenged, a Response does not need to be filed. Not filing a Response does not mean that you can’t participate in the divorce. You will still need to sign the Agreement to have your divorce finalized.

  • If you do file a Response, you will also have to complete Step 2 financial disclosures.
  • If you’d like help filing your Response with Hello Divorce, you can contact us at support@hellodivorce.com or simply use the chat to the right.

Financial Disclosures

Unless you respond, or your spouse or county requires them, as the “responding party,” you do not have to file financial disclosures.

  • While counties are continually changing requirements, current counties that require you to do financial disclosures are: Alameda, Contra Costa, Tulare, Los Angeles, Nevada, Orange, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Marin, and Ventura Counties.
  • You can use our DIY software to complete this step on your own or have our team review, file and serve this step for you with a spouse plan.

Final Judgment & Agreement Forms

As the Petitioner, your spouse will complete these forms and send them to you. Upon reviewing and approving them, you will sign and notarize one of the forms (FL-180). This does not need to be the same copy your spouse signs and notarizes.

  • Next, you will mail the notarized document (with notary attachment) back to Hello Divorce.
  • Your spouse will then file these forms with the court, and you will receive your filed copy stating your divorce has been finalized.

Instructions: After you are Served the Petition

Next Steps After Being Served

Your next steps: Please sign and date the Notice of Acknowledgment and Receipt (FL-117) then email or mail it back (If your divorce was filed in San Bernadino County, you must mail it back).

  • If emailing, please send it to admin@hellodivorce.com. E-signatures are not accepted by the courts for this form.
  • If mailing, please send it to: Hello Divorce, Inc., 8605 Santa Monica Blvd. PMB 47842, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Petition Packet Forms Explained

The attachment you’ve received in the mail and by email from us includes basic facts and points for you to review. The specific details of the divorce agreement are decided in the final step.

  • FL-100 – This is the Petition. You should read and understand this document.
  • FL-110 – This is the Summons. You should read and understand this document.
  • FL-105 – (If there are kids): This is the UCCJEA. You should read and understand this document.
  • FL-117 – This is the Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt. You will need to sign this. It is the document that tells the court that you received the Petition. Even if you don’t choose to file a Response (FL-120), you will need to sign this.
  • FL-120 – This is the blank Response. You have 30 days from signing the FL-117 to file this, if you choose to do so. Also, a Response needs to be served to your spouse by mail and filed with the court. Filing fees are around $435.

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