Which Hello Divorce Plan Is Right for Me?

Are you considering or planning to file for divorce soon? Hello Divorce is a different (kinder, cheaper, easier) online divorce service with a team that has years of experience in family law and the divorce legal space. Plus, we care. We get that this is more than a legal event – it's a life-changing journey. We are here to support you during your hard times regardless of the type of divorce you seek.

We offer customizable online divorce plans to customers in multiple states. (Click here to get specific details.) Our plans are designed to help you get through your divorce as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Whether you want a DIY divorce plan with easy access to all the correct divorce paperwork or a more involved plan that guides you through all the legal complexities, we have the expertise to suit your needs.

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Hello Divorce plans

Through Hello Divorce, you can select a DIY, Pro, Plus, or Mediation (formally Cooperative) plan. Each plan addresses different needs that may crop up during a divorce case. Here’s a quick breakdown. 


The most budget-friendly plan we offer, the DIY plan gives you information about divorce petitions and instructions on divorce filing in your jurisdiction. It also instructs you how to serve your spouse their divorce papers – something you must do even if your spouse agrees with the divorce. 

With our DIY plan, you get access to our Divorce Navigator software. The software helps you complete each form and instructs you how to file.


Our most popular plan, the Pro plan includes filing instructions and everything else our DIY divorce plan offers plus expert help during your divorce. Between our amazing software and our expert staff, you’ll be confident that your divorce paperwork has been completed correctly. Our team will even file your divorce forms and serve the paperwork for you.


The Plus plan takes it even further, offering support for both spouses. When you file for divorce, you’ll need to serve divorce documents on your spouse, and they’ll need  to respond. With this plan, we not only help you file and serve the paperwork, we also help your spouse complete their response, making sure they complete their form correctly and file it on time.

Mediation (formally Cooperative)

Our most comprehensive plan, the Mediation plan includes up to five hours of mediation time to help you and your spouse come to an agreement on the division of your marital assets. This plan is great for couples with minor children who may have child support or child custody concerns. It’s also appropriate for people who have larger assets and need assistance with the formalities of their division of property.

Your marital settlement agreement is a big deal. It affects myriad issues in your life going forward, from spousal support/alimony to your parenting plan and time with your children. Let us assist you with document preparation, financial disclosures, and anything else you need. Visit our services page to learn about services beyond our plans.

If you’re embarking on a dissolution of marriage but can’t decide between plans, we can help. Schedule a free 15-minute call with us, and you’ll be connected with an account coordinator who can evaluate your situation and help you choose the most cost-effective plan for your needs.

There is no “easy divorce,” but we can make your divorce process easier than it otherwise would be. We started our company because we realized that traditional divorce costs far more than most people can and should pay. We understand that divorce laws are different in every state, and they can seem overwhelming when you’re facing such a big life change.

But you don’t have to do this alone, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for an attorney’s legal advice. Hello Divorce can give you the support and guidance you need to get through your divorce and get on with your life.

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