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Jill Kaufman

Services Offered: Divorce Coach, Group Program

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Group Program: Thriving Through Divorce

Divorce can be chaotic and brings up strong emotions that make it difficult to think clearly. But you have to go to work, take care of your children and make an overwhelming amount of major and minor decisions: from what to do about custody to who gets the cups and the silverware. 

What if you had someone to teach you the way out of the chaos, stress and overwhelm? 

The Thriving Through Divorce Program is a 12-week roadmap & personal support system that includes weekly group coaching, 1:1 office hours, a private community of others going through divorce and a TON of resources to help you navigate the transitions of divorce with less stress, more confidence and a greater sense of peace. You'll join a compassionate community that provides the energy, accountability and motivation to transform your life. Plus you'll have access to a proven system that helps you define what's important, ensure you're fighting for the right things and prevents you from wasting your time and energy on stuff that doesn't matter. 

Imagine feeling 100% confident as you go through your divorce, maintaining strength and calm throughout the process and moving forward with optimism and hope as you create your amazing new life! Join the Thriving Program now to take advantage of the discounted fee.

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Jill Barnett Kaufman is a Licensed Therapist, Divorce Coach, Author & Co-parenting Expert. After going through her own difficult divorce, she made it her life’s mission to help others not have it as tough. She is the author of I’m Getting Divorced, Now What? A guide to navigating divorce with clarity so that you come out stronger! The book is the basis for her transformative program, Thriving Through Divorce. The Thriving program helps parents navigate the overwhelming process of divorce with less stress, more confidence and a greater sense of peace. Jill offers 1:1 and group coaching to parents going through divorce so that they can protect their children and finances and successfully get to an agreement without litigation, even when divorcing a difficult ex. She’s recently married and the mother of 3 adult children and 3 adult step children.

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