The 30-Min Divorce Starter: Plan Your Path Forward

What's this webinar about?

If you're on the brink of divorce and feeling overwhelmed about where to start, we understand. It's one thing to decide you're ready to move on and another to navigate the how. Maybe you're concerned about finances, or the emotional stress, or whether Hello Divorce is the right option for you. You want progress without panic, clarity without the conflict. 
"The 30-Min Divorce Starter: Plan Your Path Forward" was hosted by Erin Levine, CEO and co-founder of Hello Divorce (and a seasoned family law specialist). The goal? To equip you with everything you need to feel confident about your next steps.
In just half an hour, we’ll cut through the chaos and demystify the unknowns. Whether you're looking to understand the big picture or just find out where to get your questions answered, this is your starting line. I’ll help you understand exactly what divorce looks like – without the confusing legal jargon.

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Most people spend years thinking about divorce before they file.

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