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Vikki Ziegler

Contributing Writer

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Vikki Ziegler, ESQ is a multi-layered talent. With over 22 years experience assisting couples through divorce, not only is she a highly skilled attorney, but has developed a unique approach to divorce management. 

Using her professional and personal experiences, Ziegler has developed extremely helpful sets of resources for couples in every stage. 

Her concrete pre-martial tips help couples avoid the pitfalls that can lead to divorce, while her step-by-step impact-management guide prevents emotional and financial devastation in the midst of divorce.

Her career has taken her around the world, where she has appeared on hundreds of television shows and radio programs to share her expertise. She has spent over 2 decades advocating an end to the stigmatization of divorce in hopes of helping couples embrace the aspects of empowerment and maintaining dignity.

Ziegler is co-founder and partner of Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein, LLC. She is author of The Pre-Marital Planner: A Complete Legal Guide to a Perfect Marriageand owner of Lavish, her line of designer perfume.

Vikki's Recent Articles

No One Divorces the Same Way: How to Stop Comparing Yours to Others
No One Divorces the Same Way: How to Stop Comparing Yours to Others
In Divorce, it is natural to compare your relationship to others. Stop measuring your divorce and placing yourself on a scale based on other's experiences.