Podcasts to Listen to Before, During, and After Divorce

A divorce is more than just the legal process of ending a marriage. It’s a profound emotional loss that can take you down a dark path and leave you feeling lost, alone, and scared. 

The loss isn’t just the loss of a partner; it’s also the loss of the life you knew, the dreams you shared, the person you were, and the life you lived. You may feel sad, angry, and fearful for the future. You may feel desperately alone. 

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In reality, you’re anything but alone. In fact, in 2020, 630,000 couples divorced in the United States alone. Your company is excellent! And if you can find a way to feel connected to others in the same boat, you might even enjoy that company.

Podcasts about divorce offer a unique connection that feels both intimate and accessible. Many divorce podcasts provide not only a sense of community but also expert insights to get you through these challenging times with some powerful information and even a little bit of laughter. 

Feel less alone with podcasts about divorce

Feeling connected to and getting perspective from others who have gone through similar issues can boost your mental health and well-being while helping you feel less isolated and alone.

During a break-up, friends and family might be giving you support and love. If so, that’s awesome … but there is only so much support they can provide

Fortunately, numerous podcasts focusing on divorce and relationships are available to help you feel connected and supported. 

Our favorite podcasts for divorced people

Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce or navigating your post-divorce life, these podcasts can be worth a listen. 

Wise and Worthy, Thriving After Divorce

Wise and Worthy, Thriving After Divorce is a re-branded podcast series (formerly Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle) developed by Worthy “dedicated to celebrating women like you as you embrace a new beginning with the help of our favorite experts on dating, parenting, wellness, finance, career, and more.” It’s hosted by Karen MacMahon, a Certified Relationship and Divorce Coach and founder of the Journey Beyond Divorce program. 

After navigating the divorce terrain herself many years ago, Karen has gone on to guide others with her knowledge and wisdom. From finances to co-parenting, she brings us an array of today’s top experts in various fields designed to empower and educate, whether you’re currently in the throes of divorce or have been divorced for decades.

Journey Beyond Divorce

Journey Beyond Divorce is a divorce recovery program led by a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in relationship and divorce coaching. Their podcast series interviews experts in the field of divorce, including psychologists, financial experts, mediators, attorneys, and child specialists. 

They also deal with subjects such as high-conflict divorce, divorce trauma and recovery, parenting, navigating the road beyond divorce, and many other subjects. 

The High-Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast

If you have kids, the relationship with your ex doesn’t end with the divorce judgment. You will be co-parents to your children for the rest of your life. And if your ex is a high-conflict individual, co-parenting with them can be even more problematic. 

Moderator Brook Olsen is a Certified Divorce Mediator, parenting educator, divorce coach, and author of The Black Hole of High Conflict. Each week, he interviews other industry experts and professionals to discuss strategies to deal with high-conflict co-parents to ensure happy and healthy children.

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Divorced Girl Smiling 

In 2007, Jackie Pilossoph found herself smack at divorce’s doorstep with two small children and no support system. Back then, she would have given anything to have the big supportive community of readers, listeners, and divorce professionals she has brought together through her Divorced Girl Smiling blog, YouTube channel, and podcast. She takes you through the ups and downs of divorce, post-divorce, finding new love, and everything in between. And in the meantime, you’ll feel like you’ve found your new best friend. 

Divorced & Done

Canadian divorce lawyers and friends since law school, Rob Woodward and Darren Schmidt recognize that most people just want their divorce to be behind them so they can get on with living. In their podcast and newsletter, they share their low-key approach to divorce so you can understand it without ”losing your mind or your money.” Their down-to-earth style simplifies the process so you can feel knowledgeable and more in control of your divorce process. 

Divorce Goddess Podcast 

Divorce Goddess Podcast is hosted by divorce coach, mindfulness teacher, Reiki master, and Kindness for Conflict® creator Tosh Britten. She interviews an array of guests and experts who offer supportive tips for those navigating divorce. Her work focuses on emotional and mental well-being and taking an integrated approach to all of life’s challenges.

Divorce Conversations for Women 

Divorce Conversations for Women is hosted by Rhonda Noordyk, a certified divorce financial analyst, women’s financial advocate, and owner of Women’s Financial Wellness Center, LLC. As a former self-described conflict-avoidant  “passive communicator,” Rhonda found herself struggling in her role as a woman in the predominantly male world of the financial services industry. While there, she recognized the underserved need for female-specific advice regarding divorce and finances. On her podcast, she interviews guests who discuss everything from contemplating divorce to grappling with your mindset about money. 

The Divorce Podcast

Katy Daly is a relationship counselor and co-founder of the legal tech start-up, amicable. Her own divorce led her to develop amicable and launch her podcast, where she interviews experts and guests offering advice from post-divorce finances to co-parenting. 

Our favorite podcasts for people going through a break-up

You may not be going through a divorce, but navigating a relationship break-up, or even pondering one, can be equally overwhelming. Here are a couple of podcasts we recommend for people who are in the middle of a break-up or are considering one.

Your Divorce Survival Guide Podcast 

Certified divorce coach Kate Anthony is the host of the New York Times recommended podcast Your Divorce Survival Guide Podcast. She helps her clients and listeners answer some of their most pressing questions, including what she considers the most important one: Should they stay in their unhappy and toxic relationship, or is it time to leave? She, herself, has spent many years recovering from her own decade-long toxic relationship, and she is now dedicated to helping other women move on and heal. 

Doing Relationships Right

Doing Relationships Right is hosted by dating coach, relationship expert, and best-selling author of One Happy Divorce and Midlife Priceless Jennifer Hurvitz. It is designed for anyone currently in a relationship, ending a relationship, or just wanting to know more about navigating the relationship process. She interviews a variety of experts regarding sex, dating after divorce, finance, co-parenting, or any of the other topics that affect a happy or unhappy relationship. 

Considerations and cautions

While podcasts offer some great information, resources, and strategies regarding legal, financial, and mental health issues during divorce, remember that these are only generalities and can’t replace more personalized advice. 

Podcasters and their guests offer many of their own views and opinions, and any information provided in a podcast is for general informational purposes only. Every situation is different, and information shared on a podcast should never be a substitute for professional advice, no matter how qualified that podcaster is. Before making any decisions, get professional advice tailored to your situation. 

Need more help?

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Provisional number of marriages and marriage rate: United States, 2000-2020.

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