Thrive: How and Why a Cynic of DIY Law Built a DIY Divorce Platform

There are lots of options to DIY divorce out there. But many simply offer software to complete divorce forms. Family Law Attorney Erin Levine founded Hello Divorce to provide both help for completing the procedural components of divorce and the emotional support only caring, knowledgeable humans can provide. Hello Divorce does just that – helps spouses get divorced and reach agreements outside of the courtroom, with help if and when they need it from a team of mediators, financial advisors and lawyers.

In an article published to Thrive, Erin lays out:

  • Why the traditional lawyered-up divorce doesn't work well because divorce is so much more than just a piece of paper – it's the dissolution of a complicated business contract that's also laced with lots of emotion.
  • That simple online divorce form software is limited in that no one is guiding you when you have questions and also making sure everything is filled out and submitted properly.
  • Exactly why traditional divorce costs so much – and how it's possible for Hello Divorce to save you thousands (plus lots of time and stress).

Read the full article on Thrive here.


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