How to Find a Good Process Server

Service of process is a crucial part of divorce. In most situations, the petitioner must formally serve their spouse with divorce papers in order for the divorce to eventually be finalized.

Serving documents is a crucial part of the divorce process. Don’t do this yourself. Not only is it usually against the rules, it can add time and cost to your divorce process.

What is a process server?

A process server is an impartial third party who delivers legal documents to another person. They play an important role in the legal system in that they ensure proper notice is given to the other spouse involved in the divorce case. 

Hiring a process server

You might need to hire a process server to present your divorce papers to your spouse. You might also need them to serve a subpoena. (A subpoena is a court order that requires someone to appear in court to testify or provide evidence.) Or, you might need them to deliver other legal documents, such as a notice for a hearing or mediation.

When hiring a process server, choose someone who is reliable and experienced. The process server should be able to deliver the documents promptly and accurately. Make sure you ask them about their fees upfront so you get no surprises later on. Also make sure they give you a notarized form attesting that they personally served your spouse. You'll need to submit this form to the court as proof that your spouse was properly notified of the divorce proceedings.

Benefits of hiring a professional process server

In many states, you don't have to hire a professional process server. You could use any impartial third party. Some states also allow you to hire your local sheriff to do the job.

That said, process servers are experts in their field who can get the job done correctly and quickly. They'll also work hard to serve papers when someone tries to hide from them – a problem that happens more often than you might think.

How to find a good process server

When you're in the midst of a divorce, a good process server is essential. How do you go about finding one who is reputable and qualified? Here are a few tips.

  • Ask family and friends for referrals. If they've recently gone through a divorce, they may know of a good process server. You may even know an attorney who could give you a recommendation.
  • Search online. There are many websites that list process servers in your area. Read the reviews, and judge objectively.

Qualities to look for in a process server

There are several qualities to look for when hiring a process server: experience, professionalism, timeliness, and affordability. It's important to choose someone who has experience in the field. They should be professional, courteous, and willing and able to deliver your documents promptly.

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