Is There a Faster Way to Divorce in California?

Most people who decide to get divorced want it to be over quickly. But they also want it done right and without too much expense. Luckily, these two goals are not mutually exclusive. 

Why does divorce in California take so long?

Divorce is an emotional time for everyone involved. Even if you know divorce is the logical outcome for your marriage, it’s not easy. I

Getting to the other side of divorce — starting your new life after completing all the necessary paperwork to get a final divorce decree — can seem overwhelming. Luckily for some people, there’s a quick and cost-effective option for residents of California that qualify: summary dissolution.

A quicker divorce: summary dissolution 

Often called the quickie divorce option, summary dissolution is a simplified, quick, and cheap(er) way to end a marriage or domestic partnership. A summary dissolution sidesteps the time and expense of a regular divorce. A big caveat is that you and your spouse must have been married 5 years or less and agree on most issues of asset and liability distribution.

Compared to traditional divorce, summary dissolution may be described this way:

  • Faster
  • Less expensive
  • Fewer court filings
  • Less time in court


Can you get a summary dissolution?

While differences exist between various states’ requirements for summary dissolution, you may be eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • You do not have minor children from the marriage.
  • You and your spouse have been married for less than 5 years.
  • You do not own land or buildings other than your marital home.
  • You have less than $47,000 worth of assets in the marriage and less than $6,000 in debt acquired during the marriage.
  • Neither you nor your spouse has assets outside the marriage worth more than $47,000.
  • You and your spouse agree that neither of you is entitled to spousal support (alimony).
  • You and your spouse have signed a document dividing your assets and liabilities (marital settlement agreement).

Does Hello Divorce help with summary dissolution?

If you meet the above criteria, consider calling Hello Divorce to speak with a representative who can help assess your eligibility for summary dissolution

Our services include:

  • Support from a divorce expert
  • Court-approved forms
  • Payment options
  • Marital settlement agreement
  • 15-minute planning session
  • Unlimited support for your divorce questions
  • Unlimited access to personalized divorce legal resources and recommendations
  • Help preparing for a court appearance to obtain final divorce decree
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