Request to Have Spouse Pay Attorney Fees in California Divorce

If your ex has a lot more money than you do or if he or she has access to your community money, you may be entitled to an award of lawyer's fees and costs payable by your ex.

Why? The law wants to ensure that parties in a divorce have equal access to legal assistance during a divorce. If there are funds available for your fees – either from a specific source or from your ex's income, the judge may order your ex to contribute to your fees.

There are specific requirements that must be met for this order to be made by the court and you must file various forms in support of your motion. The PDF downloads below will guide you through the preparation of the Request for Order for Lawyer's Fees and Costs, the information you should include, and the documentation about your income and assets that you must provide.

How to Complete a Request to Have your Spouse Pay for Your Attorney Fees

Form templates: