Info and Documents You Need for Financial Disclosures in Colorado

Most of our clients are surprised to hear that even when they’ve reached a full agreement on all divorce-related issues, financial disclosures are still required for both parties. While Hello Divorce may be handling the bulk of your divorce process, the following is a list of the documents that you will still need to have ready so that you can get your mandatory financial disclosures completed (Step 2).

Summary of mandatory documents

  • Sworn Financial Statement
  • Income tax returns (past 3 years, personal and business federal income tax)
  • Personal financial statements (past 3 years)
  • Business financial statements (past 3 years)
  • Real estate documentation (all real property w/ personal or business interest)
  • Personal debt (most recent statements)
  • Investments (most recent statements)
  • Employment benefits (most recent statements)
  • Retirement plans (most recent statements)
  • Bank/financial institutional accounts (most recent statements)
  • Income documentation for each income source for the current AND previous calendar year, as well as the final income statement of the past year
  • If self-employed: sworn statement of gross income, a summary of business expenses necessary for producing income, and net income for the three months before filing a petition or the post-decree motion
  • Employment and education-related childcare documentation: average monthly costs (only if child support is an issue)
  • Insurance documentation (current): documents relating to life, health, or property insurance
  • Extraordinary children's expense documentation (only if child support an issue)

For the Colorado court's detailed version of this list, go here.    

If you don’t have all this information as you work through Step 2, don't worry! You can easily edit it later or send it to us to include later. We know this is a lot – but it’s the hardest part of the forms/intake process. So once this is behind you – you’ll be that much closer to completing the process. One step at a time...

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