Colorado: What County and Courthouse Do I File For Divorce In?

So you've made the decision to file for divorce. You need to know what county to file your paperwork in and what address should be used on your court forms (or risk the possibility of them being rejected, meaning they would be returned to you unfiled).

To file for divorce in a county in Colorado, either you or your spouse must have resided there for at least 90 days prior. If there are children under 18 involved (that are over 6 months old), they must have resided in Colorado for at least 181 days (6 months) before the divorce is initiated. If you have not been in the county that long, you can file for divorce in your spouse's county (assuming they have lived there for at least 90 days).

The resource below has the court address and contact information for each Colorado county. Additionally, you may want to check out the court's website (also listed in the PDF) to see if you have a choice as to where and how to file your forms. In other words, just because the court address is in one city, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't bring the actual forms to be filed to a courthouse closer in proximity to you.

Download a PDF giving you court information by Colorado county, as well as website info.

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