How to File a Divorce Fee Waiver in Utah

Filing fees can be costly, but in certain cases, you may qualify for a fee waiver based on your financial situation.

When you file your petition or response form, you will need to pay the filing fee with the court. This is normally $325 if you are filing the petition, and though filing an answer doesn't have a cost, there is a $130 fee if you are filing a counterclaim along with your answer.

Fee waiver forms

If you are unable to pay the filing fee(s), you can fill out the waiver forms below. 

Form: Motion to Waive Fees and Statement Supporting Motion

You will need to file form 1301GEG, Motion to Waive Fees and Statement Supporting Motion. In this document, you will need to provide detailed financial information. It's up to the Court to decide if all, some, or none of your fees will be waived based on their guidelines. In some cases, the court may also accept partial payments. Some fees can't be waived, such as fees related to the service of documents to the other party. As well, there is no guarantee that the court will waive your filing fee.

Form: Memorandum Demonstrating Inability to Pay Fees

If your fee waiver was denied, you may be able to file a 1304GEJ, Memorandum Demonstrating Inability to Pay Fees. This applies in certain situations, such as if you lost your source of income or you have sudden non-discretionary expenses that you did not account for. You must file this form within 10 days of receiving the order denying your original fee waiver request.

Once you provide the completed documents, the court will decide whether you need to pay the filing fee(s). If you are a (paid) Hello Divorce member, our team can complete this form for you or you can complete it through the Divorce Navigator.

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