Top Resources for Divorce in Utah

Want to know what you need to do next? Whether you're just thinking about divorce, in the middle of one, or navigating your post-divorce life, here are the top resources for people in Utah. We've ordered them according to the typical step-by-step flow of divorce. And, as always, reach out to us if you have more specific questions.

Just thinking about divorce?

We recommend reading our article about why it's better to move forward with a divorce that's inevitable than waiting for the "right time." (Hint: There's no perfect time.)

Choosing the right legal help for your divorce

Nothing frustrates us more than lawyers who don't do their job properly. Choose the right legal help for your divorce; read our advice.

Which Hello Divorce plan is best for me?

Take our quiz, or refer to our summaries of each plan to determine how we can best help you during your divorce and make it as affordable as possible.

Utah divorce process flowchart

Visualize the divorce process from start to finish with this handy flowchart. It explains all the steps that must be taken before you can finalize your divorce.

The 3 steps to divorce in Utah

The divorce process in Utah is complicated. But don't worry; Hello Divorce has broken it down into three easy-to-follow steps with its Utah Divorce Navigator.

Utah divorce planning checklist

Need to ensure you're doing everything you need to in your divorce? Our printable divorce checklist gets you organized.

How to file for divorce in Utah

This article guides you through how and in what county to file for divorce in Utah. Read this article if you're filing an uncontested divorce.

Serving your spouse

This article guides you through how to serve your spouse divorce papers in Utah.

What to do if you've been served with divorce papers

Learn what to expect, and find out if and how you should respond here.

Complete list of Utah divorce forms

Access all the forms you will need here.

Financial disclosures

Learn about all the required financial disclosures in Utah divorce in this article.

Watch: Guide to Completing Financial Declarations in Utah | Hello Divorce Explains


How Utah calculates child support

Child support can be granted during divorce, temporary separation, or as separate maintenance. The parent who has custody is paid child support by the non-custodial parent and is based on income. The three components of this payment include base child support, medical expenses, and childcare expenses. Learn more here.

Preparing for court

If you need to appear at any court hearings, you'll want to know some basics about divorce court. You'll also want to dress appropriately. Read or dos and don'ts here.

My QDRO has been filed. Now what?

Read this article to understand everything you need to know about your Qualified Domestic Relations Order(s) (QDRO), which will divide your retirement plan(s).

Need help with your QDRO? Our trusted partner, SimpleQDRO, can help.

Restoring your former (maiden) last name

If you would like to keep your name the same, then there is nothing you need to do during the divorce process. If, however, you would like to have your former name restored, doing so is a simple process. This article addresses the steps you need to take to restore your former name before or after your divorce has been finalized.

7 life-changing lessons one learns after divorce

What life lessons or skills did you learn during or after the divorce process that have given you more perspective or joy? Learn more here.

Free divorce checklists and worksheets

Check out all of our free downloadable/printable Hello Divorce checklists and worksheets to help you stay organized and less overwhelmed.

Divorce Specialists
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