Marital Settlement Agreement : Utah

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Why Choose a Marital Settlement Agreement?

Create a clear agreement with your spouse at anytime. Use it as a standalone contract, attach it to your final divorce docs, or show it to your lawyer. Secure your agreement early on and jumpstart your next chapter even while you wait for official stamps and judge sign off.

No guesswork, no legal jargon.

Our intuitive questions make sure you cover all the crucial details needed in a divorce agreement, while we handle the legal language for you.

Perfect for spouses who want to create or document their Agreement

  • Have your Martial Settlement Agreement prepared after answering our questions
  • Understand exactly what you need to agree on before finalizing your divorce
  • Covers every essential topic from finances to custody to support


Edit today, tomorrow, or whenever you're ready.

Getting to an Agreement can be a work in progress. Use our Marital Settlement Agreement to propose your terms to your spouse, then edit it if something changes. Working on this together gets the hard stuff out of the way before or while you're finalizing your divorce.

Work your divorce on your own terms

  • No traveling to a lawyer’s office - our software is a click away.
  • We give you the education, support, and resources you need to make informed decisions.
  • Our online platform provides you with 24/7 access to your agreement.
  • Book a review with a lawyer or mediator if you need one.

Get clarity and certainty before you've finished the divorce process

We’ve designed our Marital Settlement Agreement so you don’t need a lawyer to successfully come to a binding agreement, but our team is on standby if you need extra help.

Experienced experts – always by the hour with no retainers

Here are all the services Hello Divorce provides if you need them, always by the hour with no retainers.

Our experienced, friendly team is here for you

Our team is available via chat to answer your questions and help customize your path to a successful divorce.

Use our extra services if you need help coming to an agreement

Our services help you to communicate with your spouse in a secure and organized manner, so you can avoid misunderstandings and lessen the potential for conflict.

  • Get the facts about what's fair in divorce together.
  • Targeted 1-hour online sessions avoid burnout and stress.
  • Navigate legal hurdles without threats
  • No retainers mean transparent services and results.

Court filing fees vary by county and state and are not included in the divorce plan price.

Your first step to a peaceful divorce

Create your MSA by answering easy-to-understand questions.  Save hours of time time and thousands in legal fees without compromising quality or confidence. Have questions? Our team is here for a free call or online chat.
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What happens when you purchase a Hello Divorce Marital Settlement Agreement?

1. Access Our Software

As soon as you purchase your Marital Settlement Agreement, you will receive an email with a link to start your agreement. Come back and update and edit at any time with no extra costs!

2. Answer Our Simple Questions

After you receive your Marital Settlement Agreement, check it over carefully, then come back and make any edits you need.

3. Create a Contract with Your Spouse

All the terms for your Agreement - from a comprehensive Parenting Plan to asset and real estate split - is all in our software. 

What are the benefits of a Hello Divorce Marital Settlement Agreement?

Ease into agreement.

Our simple process is informed by top divorce attorneys and thousands of customers. It's the most accessible, customizable, affordable and easy to use software available.


Stop feeling stuck

With Hello Divorce, you can finish your Marital Settlement Agreement in no time – with your contract ready to review with your spouse. 


One-on-one support every step of the way

Unlike other online divorce options, real people are available to answer your questions.


Bring us your stress

We can handle almost any divorce situation. If you're having trouble doing it on your own, you can easily upgrade to a full-service plan, and our divorce professionals will jump in to help.

What do our clients think about Hello Divorce?

Don't take it just from us. Find out what people who have gone through their divorce with Hello Divorce think about our process, our software, and life moving on to their next chapter. Then, give us a call to talk about how we can help you.

People love working with us in Utah!


We’ve helped thousands of people navigate their divorce

We’re here to make things easier. 

Our experts know that making the choice to get divorced isn’t easy, so they’re here to support you no matter what.