Essential Apps to Rely on during the Divorce Process

Getting unmarried can sometimes be as expensive, insanely time-consuming, and detail-driven as planning your wedding. When we tie the knot, we use wedding planners, online worksheets, and various other systems to keep us organized and on budget. So, why wouldn't we do the same for divorce?

We compiled a list of some great apps that may make your divorce or domestic partnership dissolution a whole lot easier.

Genius Scan

Divorce is full of documents. Lots of them. Even in a completely amicable divorce, you must exchange financial documents and fill out loads of them. We love Genius Scan because it allows you to photograph anything and easily save it as a JPEG or PDF. You or your lawyer, coach, partner, or friend can easily print and serve (deliver) the document, or it can be attached to a document to be filed with the court.

DocuSign, Adobe Sign

While the legal industry may lag behind when it comes to technology, there is good news: Most courts allow you to e-sign your documents, saving time and simplifying the filing process. Both DocuSign and Adobe Sign allow you to easily sign documents with your beautiful signature.

Dropbox Paper or Google Documents

Do you want to collaborate on a document, maybe even in real time? Look no further! No need for Mic Word, back-and-forth emails, or coordinating who can edit and when. Using these apps, you can create, store, and edit your documents online, whether it's a settlement proposal to your ex, an updated budget, or a court pleading.


Who can possibly manage all the passwords for every app, piece of software, or website they use? It's too much. Keeper's app is easy to use. Enter one master password (or use Touch ID), and all of your usernames and passwords are right there in one place. Yay!


Need a little help with everyday chores? No one can do it all. Maybe your house could use a deep clean, you've got some IKEA bookshelves to assemble, or your garbage disposal needs to be fixed. These tasks eat into the time you have to rest, interact with the kids, plan your separation, check in on your folks, and get the car serviced. But with TaskRabbit, you can find an extensively reviewed, background-checked tasker (helper) in about five minutes. Book a tasker for your desired time and date, and pay through the app. It's super easy and amazing.


Did you ever wake up in a panic at 2 a.m. because you forgot to do something, need to do something, want to do something, or have an idea for something? Evernote is there for you. Your notes, photos, projects, and to-do lists are saveable, searchable, and shareable with this app.

TouchCopy, Decipher Tools, Tansee

Text messages can be used as evidence in court. For example, they may be leveraged against a spouse who has been harassing their ex or a parent who refuses to co-parent respectfully. They may also be used to prove a spouse was given "notice" of an intent to do something. Do you have text message conversations that need to be transcribed for legal leverage? Don't expect your telecommunications provider to help, even with a subpoena. Thankfully, this software is really helpful if you need an organized way to present your texts. What would litigants do without this software?

Clio or MyCase

Have you considered hiring a lawyer to help you plan, coordinate, or litigate your separation? If so, check to see if they offer an app to help you manage everything on the legal side. Apps like Clio and My Case store your pleadings (filed court documents) and calendar court dates and meetings. They offer another way to communicate with your lawyer, give you an easy way to pay your bill, and let you collaborate with your lawyer on various documents. You can also securely store your financial information and documentation. We are hooked!


Divorce Specialists
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