12 Self-Care Gifts

With the focus on others during the holidays, it's easy to forget to care for yourself. Some might even feel guilty at the thought of prioritizing themselves. Do not do yourself wrong. Self-care is essential for your growth. It strengthens your foundation, improving your ability to be present and even more generous with your loved ones.

That said, we hand-picked the best self-care goodies for the season. And the best part is, you don't even have to leave your home to buy them!

Treat yourself to one of these self-care gifts ...

1. Something to set the mood

Forget struggling to light a candle with matches. Try an electric flameless candle lighter like this one from REIDEA. For about $20, you can light a candle over 18,000 times without ever needing to rummage through your junk drawer for matches. And, it just looks cool! With multiple color options, this is the perfect gift for any household.

2. Something to wear

Who doesn't love the feeling of being toasty warm by the fire during the cold winter months? Get that feeling every day with a Wicked Robe from L.L. Bean. Available for about $99 in both Men's and Women's styles, this plush robe will give you the luxury feeling at half the luxury cost. You won't mind staying at home all day in this warm and cozy robe.

3. Something to do

Adult coloring books may have been the craze a few years ago, but they are back for quarantine and naughtier than ever! Crack a smile and relax as you color your way through swear words and puns with a sprinkle of motivation in this adult coloring book from Amazon. Markers are included with the book, so you will be on your way to coloring yourself amused in no time.

4. Something to keep you cozy

There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a deliciously soft blanket. It's even better when that blanket is elegant enough to serve as a focal point of your living room or bedroom. The LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket is the perfect combination of sophistication and coziness at a surprisingly low price.

5. Something to drink

We've all been there: You take a sip of the coffee that has been on your desk for a while. A wave of disappointment hits as you realize your coffee is cold and blah. Solution: the Ember Mug. This ingenious mug (available in two colors and multiple sizes) allows you to set the temperature of your drink and keep it warm for up to 90 minutes (or all day when placed on the charging coaster). For app lovers, you can even set the temperature using your smartphone. With a glorious heated mug, you will never suffer cold coffee or tea again.

6. Something to create mindfulness

We can all use a little mindfulness these days, and The Self-Compassion Deck is just what you need to begin a mindfulness practice at home. The deck offers 50 easy mindfulness exercises you can do anytime and anywhere to encourage self-compassion in all you do. This is the perfect gift to spread a little kindness, starting with yourself!

7. Something to soothe

With the pandemic hindering our ability to enjoy massages, you can relax sore and tired muscles with an at-home foot massager like this Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Massager. The best thing about the massager is that it doubles as a neck and back massager. You may never need to go to the spa again.

8. Something to smell

Think bath bombs are only for baths? Think again! Enjoy aromatherapy in the shower with these Shower Tablets. Each tablet is infused with essential oils which are released by the steam in your shower. With aromatherapy for sleep, relaxation, decongestion, mood, and revitalization, you can have the spa experience in your own home.

9. Something to help you sleep

Sleep is the best remedy for all that ails. Get your best sleep ever with this luxurious Lavender Eye Pillow from Jane Inc., available at Anthropologie. The cooling eye pillow is filled with lavender and flaxseed, which promotes calmness and soothes tired eyes. The eye pillow also helps to block out light, fostering deep sleep. No doubt you will wake up well-rested with this lovely eye pillow.

10. Something to relax

Who doesn't love chocolate? How about taking it to the next level by combining chocolate with CBD for a blissful treat that will please your taste buds and provide a sense of calmness and relaxation? CBD has been shown to promote wellness and reduce stress, which we could all use. A Dark Chocolate CBD Bar would be a very welcomed self-care confection.

11. Something to read

There is nothing better than cozying up with a good book that you can't put down. Inward by Yung Pueblo is that kind of book. Filled with beautiful poetry and prose, Inward imparts wisdom upon its readers in the areas of peace, healing, letting go, and the transformational power of love. This is sure to be a book you will come back to time and time again.

12. Something to look forward to

Give the gift of year-round self-care with a subscription box! Who doesn't love getting a package full of goodies? With the TheraBox from, you will get to unbox a plethora of self-care items (such as candles, body and skincare products, aromatherapy, and much more) every single month. A TheraBox can help increase your happiness and reduce stress all year. Cheers to that!


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