Positive Affirmations for Divorce Court Day

Affirmations are brief statements of power you can use to calm your nerves and manage racing thoughts. These statements help you feel in control and give you clarity. They’re an incredibly lightweight and powerful tool to have in your back pocket during any stressful life event, especially one as complicated as divorce.

Confidence-boosting mantras for court day

Going through a divorce is never easy. But on court day, you’re going to feel stressed to the max. It may feel like the rest of your life is on the line, which is a lot to deal with.

Even if you feel panicked and stressed, your soon-to-be ex does not have to see you sweat. Use these positive affirmations to calm your mind and remind yourself of your power and strength. 

  • I believe in my own power.
  • I breathe in peace and breathe out stress.
  • My thoughts are clear and focused. My eyes are on the prize.
  • I trust myself and my gut instincts.
  • I am fully capable of making legal decisions and directing my attorneys.
  • I am more resilient than I may think.
  • I always have all the money, resources, and support I need.
  • It’s okay if I feel lost right now. This is temporary.
  • My attorneys have my best interests in mind and will meet my needs.
  • I let go of feelings of hate and anger that do not serve me.
  • I am happy to be released from a relationship that no longer serves me.
  • Divorce is a path to a new beginning.

Which statements resonate with you the most?

When you walk into that courtroom, remember those statements. Stand your ground. You deserve all the good things that are coming, and your divorce is just a small bump in the road. 

No matter what stage of divorce you’re in, Hello Divorce can help. We offer a variety of free resources and professional services to help you get through your divorce so you can enjoy the life that’s waiting for you on the other side.

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Meditations and Mantras to Help You Stay Positive During Divorce

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