Divorce Survival Tips for INFP Personality Types

The INFP personality is introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving.

INFPs tend to be creative, artistic, and self-aware. They are generous, open-minded people who feel things deeply and tend to be emotionally vulnerable. They also tend to be overly critical of themselves and sensitive to criticism. Because INFPs value interpersonal harmony, the prospect of divorce can be a daunting one.

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Tips for handling divorce as an INFP

Treat yourself as you treat others

INFPs are soulful, empathetic individuals who make it their business to nurture the emotional needs of others. In this stressful time, others will undoubtedly look to you for guidance and support. 

Your kids, your ex, your ex’s family, and even your own friends will likely want to feel seen and heard by you. They’re lucky to have you, but don’t forget to extend the same empathy and compassion to yourself. You’re the one getting divorced, after all.

Find a positive outlet for negative energy

Some INFPs struggle with anger issues. If you’re grappling with anger toward your spouse or someone else, find a way to express it without wrecking your relationship, job, or property. Join a gym, buy a punching bag, or take a brisk walk around the block once or twice a day. You know better than anyone what helps you calm down.

Work on your self-esteem

INFPs are sometimes plagued by feelings of self-doubt. And, as you may have noticed, divorce can be a real confidence killer. Counteract negative self-talk with positive affirmations. Try, “I believe in my ability to get through this divorce and start a better life.” Or, “I am moving in a positive direction, and I’m going to survive this just fine.” 

Download Hello Divorce’s Positive Vibes Tear Sheet and post it on your own wall. Another source for inspiration is Our Favorite Uplifting Quotes to Live By.

Say “no” to rumination

If you’re prone to obsessive thoughts and brooding (as many INFPs are), address the problem head-on. Figure out what triggers you, and make a plan of action to combat the negative energy. For example, you might distract yourself from your negative thoughts by calling a friend or watching a movie. Or, you might try the guided meditation found at the bottom of this article.

Don’t wallow in self-blame

Self-blame is a common problem for INFPs going through a divorce. Regardless of the nature of your marital problems, INFPs find a reason to blame themselves. Yes, you were a key player in your marriage, but so was your spouse. Marriage is a joint effort, after all. Don’t allow self-blame to eat you alive. Consider joining a support group or embarking on a divorce therapy journey to help brighten your perspective.

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