Info and Documents You Need for Financial Disclosures in California

Most of our clients are surprised to hear that even when they've reached a full agreement on all divorce-related issues, financial disclosures are still required for the petitioner (and in some counties, the respondent, too).

Below is a list of the documents needed to complete your mandatory financial disclosures (Step 2). As a Hello Divorce client, our software will simplify and organize these documents for you.

Summary of documents you'll need to file financial disclosures

  • Last two years of filed tax returns
  • Last two months of employment pay stubs
  • Business owner? Profit and loss report for the previous two years and year-to-date
  • Most recent checking and credit union account(s) statement(s)
  • Most recent savings account(s) statement(s)
  • Most recent brokerage account(s) statements(s)
  • Most recent mortgage statement(s)
  • Most recent car loan(s) statement(s)
  • Most recent retirement statement(s) (e.g., 401k or IRA, Pension)
  • Most recent statement(s) restricted stock units, stocks, and/or any deferred employee compensation
  • Most recent profit-sharing or annuity statement(s)
  • Most recent bonds or mutual funds statement(s)
  • Most recent credit card account(s) statement(s)
  • Declaration page for life insurance
  • Most recent financial statement for any other debt/asset


Other information

  • Health Insurance premium
  • Property taxes and homeowners insurance (cost per month)
  • Estimated expenses
  • Fair market value (approximate) of property
  • Childcare cost

If you don't have all this information when you complete your forms, don't worry. You can easily edit them later and send them to your account coordinator to be included later. We know this is a lot, but it's the hardest part of the financial disclosures process. Once this is behind you, you'll be that much closer to completing the process.

Need more help? Schedule an hour with a certified divorce financial analyst.
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