Why the Perfect Divorce Lawyer Doesn’t Exist

Everyone seems to be an expert on how to "win" in divorce. Every article I read or podcast episode I listen to has a similar theme: " Divorce is complicated, so you need a lawyer." But ask that divorced friend for a referral and they will likely say, "You don't want my lawyer. They sucked." Bottom line: there's no such thing as the perfect divorce lawyer. I know this because I practiced law for 15 years before founding Hello Divorce. And what I learned through all of it is that many divorcing couples are better off not hiring a lawyer at all. Why?

Top complaints we've heard about divorce lawyers:

  • Too expensive
  • Took too long
  • Stuck in the system
  • Set the wrong tone
  • Guided by "winning" instead of resolving
  • Focused on the wrong things
  • Didn't manage my expectations
  • Didn't think outside the box

I'm not saying there aren't decent lawyers out there. But even well-intentioned lawyers are still not usually your best option because they thrive in a system that sets us up to fail. Not to mention, lawyers operate via a service-based business – to make money they need LOTS of clients. And litigation is tough and expensive (that's primarily where lawyers' time is dedicated).

Most lawyers haven't learned how to maximize the support at their disposal: technology or even their amazing staff. They don't see the big picture because they are focused on the law. And divorce is so much more than law. There are so many reasons why the traditional lawyered-up divorce no longer makes sense.

Here's what most people want in a divorce service:

  • Affordability
  • Minimize conflict
  • Protect interests
  • Fair settlement

What they do not want is:

  • A divorce that goes on forever
  • To spend more than is necessary
  • Going to court over and over again with no real progress
  • To navigate the overly complex system for filing and serving paperwork
  • To end up with a zero-sum trial ruling or settlement "agreement" that is worse than what you could have gotten had you started out on the right foot (especially when you take into account the emotional and financial toll it took on you and your family)

So how do we get there? You can get the legal, emotional and financial help you need with Hello Divorce – without lawyers, or with expert help only when you need it at an affordable flat rate.

Existing customers: Our model is built around helping you set the foundation for a good divorce and providing you the flexibility to upgrade or purchase an a la carte service only if you need a little extra help along the way. Schedule a 15-minute call if you feel a bit stuck and need some help finishing up your divorce.

If you're new to Hello Divorce, here's how to get started:

Step 1: Take a quiz to determine your needs

Find out what approach to divorce we think will work best for you. No need to research ways to divorce – we've done the work for you. Even just for completing the quiz, you're signed up for a free membership that unlocks resources like downloadable worksheets, articles, and checklists to help you throughout the divorce process.

Step 2: Free 15-minute intro call

We are here to help. Ask questions and share your needs, concerns, and goals with one of our experienced divorce managers who will be there during each step of your divorce.

Step 3: Choose your plan

You or your spouse decide what level of help you need, and you'll only pay lawyers, mediators or other advisors if you have legal concerns or need advice (we offer several flat-fee, one-time options). You will use our software and account coordinators to help you complete all the paperwork you need to finalize your divorce.

Step 4: Get divorced

While divorce can be challenging, Hello Divorce lets you do it your way, while our team makes sure you've understood and completed each step correctly. Divorce doesn't have to be painful or costly. Learn more about all of the above by watching our webinar, "No Perfect Divorce Lawyer."

Founder, CEO & Certified Family Law Specialist
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After over a decade of experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist, Mediator and law firm owner, Erin was fed up with the inefficient and adversarial “divorce corp” industry and set out to transform how consumers navigate divorce - starting with the legal process. By automating the court bureaucracy and integrating expert support along the way, Hello Divorce levels the playing field between spouses so that they can sort things out fairly and avoid missteps. Her access to justice work has been recognized by the legal industry and beyond, with awards and recognition from the likes of Women Founders Network, TechCrunch, Vice, Forbes, American Bar Association and the Pro Bono Leadership award from Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Erin lives in California with her husband and two children, and is famously terrible at board games.