Webinar: Turn a Breakup into a Win-Win Divorce with Mediation

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Do you feel like the only way to get the resolution you want in your divorce is to lawyer up? That's one of the most common misconceptions about divorce. You can actually get more of what you want, with far less expense and conflict, with mediation.

If you have issues to resolve or complicated emotions to work through with your ex, you can get through your divorce without letting it take you down. It's possible!

Hello Divorce's Founder, Erin Levine, tells you how in this webinar. If your goal is to put your self-growth, peace of mind and kids first instead of dwelling on all that went wrong with your marriage, it's time to get an action plan in place.

Join Erin in this replay of our December 2021 webinar. She'll take you on a tour of cooperative divorce. Learn how to navigate even the most complicated breakups with peace of mind. Some conflict and overwhelm are inevitable – but we can help you move through it as quickly as possible.

Watch the replay of this webinar, and then schedule your free 15-minute phone call with one of our caring team members to learn how Hello Divorce can help you move forward with a cooperative divorce.