Forbes: How Technology Changed Divorce for the Better

Courtroom battles over everything from the kids and that favorite piece of furniture are fortunately now far from the only way to divorce. In fact, that battleground scenario rarely ends in a happy result, even for the spouse who "wins." Forbes interviewed our Founder and CEO, Erin Levine, about how technology has changed divorce. Now an accessible, much more affordable online platform allows divorcing spouses to get divorced their way.

In the Forbes article, Erin explains how:

  • The traditional model of a lawyered-up, conflict-driven divorce doesn't work well for either spouse.
  • Hello Divorce is more than just a way to complete paperwork – it's a supportive community and provides helpful free resources.
  • Divorcing couples have more control and options now by doing their divorce online, with help from experts like mediators and lawyers only when they need it.

Read the full article on Forbes here.