Can I Use Hello Divorce With My Spouse?

Can you and your spouse get a peaceful, civil divorce by using Hello Divorce services together? Yes, you can!

Ending a marriage is an emotional experience. But when you and your spouse agree it’s the right decision, you benefit from a less contentious and more affordable divorce. Luckily, if this fits your situation, Hello Divorce has an online divorce plan for you.

What is Hello Divorce's Mediation divorce plan?

Hello Divorce offers multiple plans that make divorce easier. Some plans are geared toward one spouse initiating the divorce, but our Mediation plan is designed for couples who want to work together. This type of “mutual consent divorce” has many benefits, which we’ll touch on later.

How our Mediation plan works 

Our Mediation (formally "Cooperative") divorce plan is for couples who agree divorce is the right step. You don’t have to agree on how to divide everything just yet. All you have to do is agree on getting a divorce. 

This plan offers help for both spouses. The nice part about this plan is that it lets you start the divorce process without your spouse – so if your spouse agrees to a divorce but is dragging their feet, you can still get the ball rolling.

Getting started 

Our Mediation divorce plan includes the forms both you and your spouse will need. If you start the process, you’ll file the petition for dissolution of marriage, making you the petitioner and your spouse the respondent. The forms each of you need to file may vary, and this plan provides for your needs. 

After you file your petition, you’ll need to serve it on your spouse, just like they’ll need to serve their response on you. The Mediation plan walks both of you through this process and includes expert help, should you have any questions.

The technicalities of filing for divorce are unique to each state, and mistakes can result in additional expenses and delays. Our Mediation divorce plan guides you through the process so you can avoid these headaches.

Why is mediation a helpful addition while you are divorcing?

One big benefit that sets our Mediation plan apart from our other plans is the five hours of included mediation. Many divorcing couples agree how to split most of their marital assets. Some items, however, may require a professional mediator to encourage a resolution. Mediation is included in our cooperative plan to help you and your spouse reach a suitable resolution to any remaining disputes.

The mediator will also help you reach an agreement on your parenting plan if you have minor children. This is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce, and having a neutral third party to help you reach a resolution can foster a smoother experience.

Your marital settlement agreement

Once you and your spouse agree on all terms, the mediator will draft a marital settlement agreement. This document spells out the terms and conditions you and your spouse have agreed to in your mediation. A judge will review it for equitability and, if acceptable, will sign off on your agreement.

What can you expect with our Mediation divorce plan?

When you select the Mediation plan, you can expect comprehensive support and guidance for both spouses, from filing the petition to getting your final divorce decree from a judge. Here’s a look at what you will get:

  • All forms needed to file your divorce
  • Forms for yourself and your spouse
  • Guaranteed court acceptance of the forms
  • Expert answers to your questions (and your spouse’s questions) about the forms and the filings 
  • Five hours of mediation to help you and your spouse resolve any remaining disputes 
  • Draft of marital settlement agreements and parenting plans, if necessary
  • Ability to start without your spouse
  • A flexible payment plan

What are the benefits of Hello Divorce's Mediation divorce plan?

There are many benefits to using our Mediation plan in an amicable divorce. One of the biggest benefits is your ability to get through your divorce with less stress. Here are some others:

  • Cooperative divorce is less costly than hiring an expensive divorce lawyer who bills hourly for their services.
  • You’re more likely to have your assets split according to your wishes because our Mediation plan includes mediation services.
While you must be willing to negotiate with your spouse – and let some things go – mediation gives you more control over how your marriage is divided.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of cooperative divorce is that you retain control over your assets. This is one of the best parts of mediation, too. It helps you maintain control over where your assets go. You’re more likely to have a peaceful separation. Divorce is never easy – even a mutual divorce where both of you agree it’s the right thing to do. With our team backing both of you, however, you can get through this peacefully and affordably.

Divorce Specialists
After spending years in toxic and broken family law courts, and seeing that no one wins when “lawyer up,” we knew there was an opportunity to do and be better. We created Hello Divorce to the divorce process easier, affordable, and completely online. Our guiding principles are to make sure both spouses feel heard, supported, and set up for success as they move into their next chapter in life.