Is It Easy to File for Divorce Online?

In today's world, more people are turning to the internet to complete various tasks, including filing their divorce case online. Whether you're looking to save time or money, online divorce filing can be a great option. It’s quick and easy to complete, allowing you to start your divorce process as soon as possible. 

If you're thinking about filing for divorce online, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons first. Some situations may not lend themselves to filing for online divorce. For example, online divorce may not be the most prudent choice in a complicated or high-conflict situation.

Who can file for divorce online?

Uncontested divorce is easy to do online

“Uncontested divorce” is a type of divorce that is relatively easy and straightforward to complete online. When both spouses agree on all the terms of the divorce, including things like property division, spousal support/alimony, child support, and child custody, the divorce is uncontested. As such, it can generally be completed online with minimal hassle.

One of the biggest advantages of uncontested divorce is that it allows couples to resolve any disputes they may have quickly and amicably. This can help minimize conflict during a stressful time. 

However, there are some potential drawbacks to uncontested divorces as well, such as the need for both partners to agree on all aspects of the divorce process, from property division to spousal support.

Some states and counties allow you to file your divorce petition online. Even if yours doesn’t, you can still use Hello Divorce to complete your divorce case.

Contested divorce is not always easy to do online

Contested divorces involve major disputes between the two parties. The disputes typically center on issues like child custody and the division of property. This type of divorce is more difficult to complete than an uncontested one, as it requires extensive negotiation to reach a resolution. 

Not all online divorce services are equipped to handle the legal challenges involved in a contested divorce. That said, there may be certain circumstances under which it’s possible to file for a contested divorce online. For example, if both parties agree on most of the terms of the divorce and have no major disagreements about their separation, getting a marital settlement agreement via an online contested divorce may be possible.


Pros and cons of filing for divorce online 

Pros of online divorce

The pros of filing online include lower divorce costs and greater convenience. Online software makes the process quick and simple, minimizing the need for legal assistance or intervention. Additionally, online divorce filing typically requires less paperwork, which can save time and money on things like court filing fees and legal representation.

For those looking to save time and money, going digital can be a great option, though there may be risks associated with using online divorce software, such as the potential for errors or incomplete divorce forms. Therefore, it’s important to carefully research any online divorce platform you’re considering before making a decision.

Cons of online divorce

The cons of filing for divorce online include a lack of legal support as well as the requirement to select a plan that may include more than what you need and, as a result, cost more money. You may also still need to attend court hearings.

Many online services may not be equipped to provide the legal guidance and support that divorcing couples need during this difficult time. Additionally, filing for divorce online may not offer all the protections that are available through traditional methods, such as mediation or collaborative divorce.

Here’s the good news: Hello Divorce is an online divorce service that can help you alleviate these cons. We offer plan selection assistance to make sure you get (and pay for) the amount of service you need. For example, we offer a DIY divorce plan, a deluxe cooperative (mediation) divorce plan where we provide five hours of mediation and file your divorce paperwork for you, and several plans in between.

All clients have access to a la carte attorney services so, if you need to appear in court, you won’t feel alone or unprepared. Divorce mediation and divorce financial planning are also found on our helpful menu of services. All clients are assigned to an account coordinator who provides human contact at an emotional time. 

We also provide links to divorce documents you may need and a wealth of free online resources that can help you manage the emotional, financial, and logistical concerns you might encounter. If you’d like to work with a certified divorce coach who has experience helping people with these concerns and more, we offer that service, too.

If you’re anxious about finding a process server on your own, you can ask Hello Divorce to serve divorce papers on your spouse.

Filing for divorce with Hello Divorce

  • Your first step is to file a petition for dissolution of marriage. If your spouse has filed, you'll need to prepare and file a response. It's after this when you will either agree on all terms or meet with a mediator to work through your differences.
  • Next, you'll create and submit your financial disclosures. These must be completed to ensure a fair distribution of all marital assets and debts. You'll send a copy to your spouse, and you'll get a copy of theirs. Look closely at this document to make sure your spouse isn't trying to hide any assets.
  • Your final step will be to review your divorce decree after all other terms have been agreed upon. Your final divorce decree will be sent to a judge for review and signature. Once a judge signs your divorce decree, your marriage is officially over.

Top benefits of using Hello Divorce for your online divorce

There are several online options to help you get a divorce. Hello Divorce is one of the simplest, most straightforward, and cost-effective options. Here are some key reasons to trust Hello Divorce with your online divorce needs.

  • The platform was designed by a lawyer with over 16 years of experience in divorce.
  • You choose between multiple online divorce packages so you don’t pay additional fees for services you don’t need. 
  • You work through your divorce process at your own pace.
  • Both spouses can use Hello Divorce, if they so choose.
  • You get helpful worksheets tailored to the divorce laws of your state.
  • Our divorce flowcharts provide a roadmap so you know what to expect.
  • Our partnering mediators, attorneys, divorce coaches and certified divorce financial analysts were vetted by the Hello Divorce team. You can hire them only if and when you need them, in flat-rate increments.
  • Flat-rate fees allow you to spend money only on what you need.

What to do to get started with Hello Divorce

Filing for divorce online is easier if the divorce is uncontested, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to file for contested divorce online. You can explore your options by scheduling a free 15-minute phone consultation with a Hello Divorce account coordinator. They’ll help you determine the best plan for your needs.

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