A Single Gal's Guide to Setting New Year's Intentions after Divorce

Have you read the news lately? If so, you won't be surprised to learn that most of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed (at best) and unhinged. With emotions as heightened as they are, it's no wonder divorce rates are up.

Divorce can be a positive decision for lots of people. Not every couple is meant to stay together for decades! For those navigating divorce at the start of a new year, the resolutions we once had for ourselves when exiting a relationship may not apply. It's not quite as easy to go to the gym or be more social. Dating can be daunting in a post-pandemic world – not to mention expensive.

Here are a few creative ideas for setting good intentions for this new phase of your life.

Get energized

How about doing something fun? I don't know about you, but green drinks and going for a run aren't exactly what I feel like doing after experiencing heartbreak. Oftentimes in a relationship, we stop doing the things we loved when we were single in exchange for spending more time with our significant other. So, how about returning to what you enjoyed pre-marriage? Yoga, an awesome hike, or scheduled walks with a friend. Perhaps you could volunteer for a cause that means a lot to you. Have you always wanted to learn how to knit? Now's the time to start!

Make a list of things that bring you joy, or hobbies that have always interested you, and make time each week to do a few of these things. So enough you'll feel your energy and joy start building! 

Productive YOU time

Spend sacred time alone, reflecting deeply or decompressing. Maybe it's reading a travel magazine or some Rupi Kaur poetry. Or, maybe it's starting a garden or reorganizing your clothing. It might not feel like you are making headway, but hours like these are the key to self-growth and care.

During this time, make sure your focus is on YOU, not your ex. It's easy to let your divorce become all-consuming and to spend precious hours wondering what your ex is doing or what they are thinking. It's totally natural, but it's not productive in terms of helping you move on with your new life. Now is the time to be selfish and make your time about yourself and what you want to do.

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Grow with support

Seeking professional support seems like a luxury, but it isn't. It's about building your foundation and helping you grow and maintain it. If divorce is weighing on you, get clarity with a divorce coach. If it's emotional or mental stresses, resolving them with a life coach or therapist can give you peace and strength. And if you simply can't afford it, scheduling recurring talks with a friend (preferably with planned topics) is always a winner.

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When life feels too heavy to shoulder on your own (and there is a lot going on right now that can make it feel that way), it's ok to let someone else take a bit of the weight off for you. If you have kids, perhaps a family member could babysit and give you a couple of hours of uninterrupted time for yourself. Order your groceries online so you don't have to spend hours at the store. Seeking support from others can allow you the space to grow, learn, and process.

Be mindful

Be mindful by getting out of your head. That's right! Ready to feel better than you have in years? Curb your anxiety?

The best way I've found to do this is by noticing. Start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Notice how the floor feels under your feet. Notice how the air feels around you. Notice the sounds you hear and what you smell. Now, notice any thoughts or feelings that come up. Noticing when I feel stressed or sad and reminding myself that those pesky thoughts are not fact. O let them cycle in and cycle out, and I don't pay them too much attention. It may not be easy at first, but keep at it! It's that inner knowingness we are looking for to make meaningful changes in our lives. 


Strategize your split. It sounds sneaky but it's actually the best way to keep your divorce moving forward, save money, and have peace. (Not knowing what divorce will look like is disconcerting._Create security by being informed and having a plan. You wouldn't buy a house without researching where you want to live, knowing how much house you can afford, or seeking out the best mortgage rates. It's the same for your divorce.

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Speak to a legal coach in your state about what the divorce process looks like. Make a list of any areas of contention that you think might come up during the divorce (maybe spousal support or retirement accounts will be hot topics). Every divorce is different, but having a plan, or strategy, in advance can help you avoid getting blindsided during the divorce process.

And remember, HOW you divorce is crucial to how you feel during it and how quickly you bounce back (or better yet, evolve into a better next chapter).