Ways to Bring Positive New Energy into Your Home

After divorce, you’re ripe for new beginnings and a new life. It can be exhilarating to consider post-divorce possibilities after spending so much time stuck in an emotionally draining and stressful situation. You’re actively shifting the energy in your new life. Now it’s time to bring some of that positive energy into your surroundings.

What does “positive energy” mean to you?

The time after divorce is a time for renewal, and inviting new positive energy into your life can offer opportunities you may have never considered. But what does “positive energy'' mean to you, and how can you invite more of it into your life?

While energy isn’t something we normally see, everything is made of it. And research shows that this field of energy vibrates at frequencies that can impact everything around or within it. Just as we can absorb the positive or negative energies of those we spend time with each day, our home can absorb the energies of the people and emotions within its walls. 

If you’re staying in your marital home post-divorce, you may feel that your home still exudes all the unhappiness and loneliness you felt as you navigated its challenges. It can be difficult to move on emotionally when the memories and stuff of your marriage still surround you. For new beginnings, you deserve refreshed surroundings. 

Purging your home of things that no longer serve you should be action number one. For some people, that may look like selling everything after their divorce. For others, it can mean discarding items that evoke negative feelings or memories. Open the windows, and clear the air. Do a deep clean. Smudge every corner of your home to get rid of the toxic negativity. Do whatever works for you to begin from a fresh energetic canvas. It’s time to lift the mood and banish the negative!

Positive decorating 

Your home should be a positive and healthy place where you can thrive. But you may not be in a financial position to do much decorating after your divorce. You can still alter your home’s energetic character without an extensive renovation. Considering some tenets of the feng shui philosophy, you can create a place of positive energy with a few alterations, regardless of your finances or decorating style. 

Feng shui has its roots in ancient Chinese culture and treats everything as energetic, even things that seem inanimate. Based on the Bagua map, it emphasizes the arrangement of furnishings, colors, and materials to enhance the energetic flow of a home. When you want to create a positive space that supports your new life, considering and altering your home’s energetic character can help you make simple but impactful changes in your environment. 

Your entryway and front door

According to feng shui, your entryway sets the stage for all energy that comes into your home. As the entry point for all new energy, your front door should reflect the positive vibe of your home and be clean and welcoming. Keep your foyer or front hallway well-lit and clear of shoes and obstacles to allow new positive energy in. Perhaps find an interesting piece of furniture, cabinet, or hall tree to keep keys, leashes, and shoes contained so your entryway is uncluttered.

Your kitchen

The kitchen represents relationships and nourishment. Key elements to be wary of in the kitchen are fire and water, so the opposition of your stove and sink can signify disputes between household members. Feng shui dislikes clutter, and unfortunately, we love our countertop gadgets. It could be time to find hiding spaces for your Nutribullet and air fryer so you can tidy up that counter space. Keep your kitchen bright, clean, and free from lots of dust-gathering stuff. 

Your living room

Your living space should be all about balance and proportion to ensure energetic movement. Don’t block entryways with large pieces of furniture, and consider your color choices (see below) when you’re trying to attract certain things into your life. Keep the area light and bright, and introduce natural elements and plants whenever possible. Art is very subjective, but you may want to consider the elemental colors of the artwork you display in your home to evoke the right energy. 

Your bedroom

From a feng shui standpoint, the bedroom is your home’s most important room. Because it represents you, the bed’s position is key to energetic harmony in the bedroom. The headboard signifies stability, so your headboard should be positioned against a plain wall. Be wary of doors that open directly in line with your bed to avoid what is called the “coffin position.” All other furnishings should be balanced, harmonious, and clutter-free. Reduce electronics. Bring in fresh flowers and green plants whenever possible. Choose colors that invite positive energy for your next chapter (and maybe even a little romance!).

Positive ambiance


Most of us feel present and energized in nature, and keeping the materials in your home natural and balanced can evoke the same feelings as a day in the fresh air and sunshine. Lots of plants, natural surfaces, fabrics, and sunlight can be an energetic boost regardless of the day you’ve had out in the world. Choose aromatherapies, candles, and essential oils that support happiness, joy, and mental healing, such as lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and patchouli. 


Color has emotional and psychological power. In feng shui, certain colors represent the natural elements of the earth and can energetically support a space. 

  • Greens and blues are the colors of wood, growth, and vitality. 
  • Dark blues and black represent water, trust, security, and knowledge.
  • Reds and purples are the colors of fire and represent passion, spontaneity, strength, and confidence.
  • Yellows and oranges are the colors of earth and represent intelligence, tolerance, and patience.
  • Beiges, whites, and silvers are the colors of metal and represent new connections, creativity, and precision.

Colors and elements in feng shui philosophy also coincide with directions and shapes. Managing these in different areas of your home is believed to be able to modify the energetic movement inside it. Learn more about the ancient philosophy of feng shui here

Little tasks, big return

Our surroundings tend to reflect our emotional mindset. If you’ve lived through a stressful divorce, your home may also reflect that. Even if you aren’t doing a major revamp of your home, giving it – and yourself – the love and attention you both deserve can create the positive energy you want going forward. 

Begin to treat yourself and your home in a new positive light. Declutter your old negative thoughts right alongside your closets. As you open your blinds to the morning sunshine, open your mind to new opportunities. Respect yourself and your space by making your bed each morning, polishing neglected floors, and steam-cleaning furniture. As you begin to recognize your new self, your living space will start to be a positive reflection of the person you’re becoming. 

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