Housewarming Gifts for Your Newly Divorced Friend

Your friend has gone through an emotionally devastating divorce and settled into a new space. Despite providing a fresh start, you know their new home may feel temporarily empty in the shade of a sad divorce.

Presenting a thoughtful housewarming gift may take some of the emptiness away, promote a little well-deserved self-care, and convey a sentiment of solidarity to your friend.

Something to set the mood

Warm candlelight can set the mood for a new space and fill those empty four walls with a fragrant scent. What better way to do this than with a scented candle, especially one that honors your friend’s fresh start?

Scented candle

Entitled New Beginnings, this candle has refreshing notes of sugared citrus, mango, pomelo, and agave nectar. The GP Candle Company produces candles that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made with love. 

Air-purifying houseplantCalathea+Medallion,+Pet+Friendly+Air+Purifying+Live+Prayer+Plant,+6_+Pot

Giving a houseplant, specifically a calathea, is another way to beautify a space, purify the indoor air, and positively symbolize your friend’s new post-divorce chapter. A calathea is a tropical plant, and its name comes from the saying “to turn a new leaf,” which is precisely what the plant does in response to darkness and light. 

Soothing fountain

There’s little more soothing than the sound of water. Even if your friend has moved into the tiniest of apartments, a calming indoor fountain can be the perfect backdrop for a bit of serenity after a very stressful time. 

Something to inspire them

There’s no better time for inspiration than after a divorce. And this offers you a broad brush to play with.

Customized gift

Customized and handmade gifts can usually nail that special meaning. And, it’s unlikely that anyone else will show up with the same gift or sentiment. Etsy is the perfect place to find gifts that say just the right thing at the right time. How about this Clean Slate necklace or New Beginnings gift box? Start an herb garden to brighten up their new kitchen counter and inspire new culinary creations.

Personalized journalHavana-Refillable-Leather-Journal_540x

After a divorce, your friend might crave a little time for introspection – or a place to vent. A personalized leather journal can be a beautiful vessel and a highly therapeutic way for them to jot down their feelings, dreams, and hopes for the future. 

Something that shows your support

There is no more critical time for the support and solidarity of friends than after a divorce. Let your friend know you’re there for them.

They showed incredible strength and resilience throughout the whole divorce ordeal. Honor them with this set of Phenomenal Woman glasses with Maya Angelou’s inspiring words to remind them of their power. 

Let your friend know they’re loved and supported by giving them this lovely art print reflecting how elephants encircle and protect each other in time of need. Sometimes, they are the protectors, sometimes, the vulnerable ones. But each is there for the other, offering their particular type of fierce love. 34611_1303245848696

Maybe your friend could use a little bit of feng shui in their life. This Strength & Growth - Chakra Feng Shui Tree is decorated with specific stones to manifest new beginnings and balance a home’s feng shui energy. Even better, with each Feng Shui Tree sold, the company donates a portion of its proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Starting over after a divorce can be challenging, but the love and support of friends can make all the difference. A new house (or even a teeny apartment) grows into a home as it slowly fills with the laughter, memories, love, and warmth of friends just like you. 

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