Best Books to Help You Throughout Your Divorce

Divorce is all about difficult decisions, transitions, and negotiations. You could use all the help you can get, right? While browsing the web and getting advice from friends, your therapist or other trusted people are super helpful, sometimes it’s easier to just sit down and read one complete book on the topic you’re dealing with.

All you need to do to find books on moving on after divorce is a simple Google search… but then you’re going to be faced with a never-ending list of options. Here’s our list of favorites, with a short summary to help you narrow down your choices. If we missed one of your must-reads, let us know!

Books to help you through the divorce process

I Just Want This Done by Raiford Palmer 

We love this straightforward guide to finalizing your divorce as quickly and smoothly as possible — with results you’ll be happy with.

No One Dies From Divorce by Jill L. Coil

The author of this book is an experienced family attorney. In it, she helps you understand how to navigate both the legal and emotional aspects of your divorce.

The Mindful Divorce: How To Heal And Be Happy After Separation by James Brien

Divorce is so much more than just a legal event — it’s a process that has no simple beginning and end. The Mindful Divorce teaches you techniques to help you manage stress, come to terms with your marriage ending, and feel more optimistic about your future.

Surviving the Unwanted Divorce by India L. Kern

If you're struggling to navigate a divorce you did not want (or never expected), this book can help guide you to a better place. The author shares her own story and the lessons she learned to turn her struggle into strength.

Better Apart by Gabrielle Hartley

If you’re into holistic, new-age practices, this book is right up your alley if you’re going through a divorce. It teaches you how to come out of your divorce stronger, more resilient, and happier. Practical advice is combined with meditations and yoga.

Books for when you’re feeling lost, angry, or scared

Directions by Hallie Bateman

For those times when you’re feeling totally lost and directionless, Directions can be like a map. It also provides encouragement via affirmations, helping you face each day with renewed energy.

Vibrate Higher Daily by Lalah Delia

Written by the self-help guru behind the internet community Vibrate Higher Daily, this book guides you to make intentional daily choices to get away from doing things that do not serve your higher self (and do more of what celebrates you ).

Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life by Tracy Schorn

Betrayed? If infidelity is a core reason for the breakdown of your marriage, this book will help you bounce back and reclaim your inner calm and confidence.  

The Strength In Our Scars by Bianca Sparacino

This hopeful collection of poetry and prose addresses tough but relatable experiences in divorce: self-love, healing, and ultimately moving on.

It's Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst One of the hardest realizations, when you’re going through a divorce, is that you need to let go of the life you assumed would unfold for you with your spouse. Life looks different now. If you want a book that brings God into the equation, add this book to your reading list.

Books to help newly single parents

Our Happy Divorce by Benjamin Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo

If you suspect that you and your co-parenting would make a stronger family by living apart, this book is a great pick. Its authors (former spouses) share the difficulties they experienced during their divorce, plus details on their unique approach to co-parenting, blended families, and post-divorce relationships.

Moms Moving On by Michelle Dempsey-Multack

One of our favorite social media superstars shares all her best real-life tips, tricks, and insights to help you thrive after divorce, co-parent like a boss, and become a new, improved version of yourself.

Books for children of divorce

A Kids Book About Divorce by Ashley Simpo

This book for children age 6+ is written by a parent who has gone through a divorce with children. From the first conversations about splitting up to tough-but-necessary changes, this book helps aid honest discussions with kids about what to expect.

Divorce is Not the End of the World by Zoe and Evan Stern

This is our pick for a book that has advice for kids from two kids of divorce. Zoe and Evan Stern wrote it when they were 15 and 13 years old (with their mom’s help). It hits on common issues such as fear, anger, adjusting to two homes, new traditions and meeting mom or dad’s new partners.

Books that help you make time for self-care

Self-Love Workbook for Women by Megan Logan MSW, LCSW  

This guided journal gives you targeted exercises and prompts to help you love yourself more, silence your inner critic, and do more of the things that celebrate your best life.

You Always Change the Love of Your Life by Amalia Andrade

If you need an emotional first-aid kit to heal your broken heart, this belongs on your bedside table.

After the Rain by Alexandra Elle

Part memoir, part guide, this book contains 15 lessons on overcoming obstacles, building confidence, self-love, and living a more fulfilling life.

Books about moving on after divorce

Light on the Other Side of Divorce: Discovering the New You by Elizabeth Cohen

So, you made it out to the other side. Now what? This book is a popular guide to life after your divorce is final.

How to Get Over a Boy by Chidera Eggerue

“Men are never the prize. You are.” If this quote resonates with you, add this to your reading list. Learn how to reframe the quest for a man and instead work toward a new, improved you who will attract the people you really need in your life.

Something Gained: 7 Shifts to Be Stronger, Smarter & Happier After Divorce by Deb Purdy

Is your marriage officially over but you’re not over it? This book will help you arrive at the other side, ready to move forward into your new, improved future.

Available by Laura Friedman Williams

If you like an edgier voice, Available is a powerful memoir for women in their 40s who need help navigating sex, dating, and embracing their new single identity.

Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Life and Your Heart after Divorce by Tracie Miles

If you want a divorce self-help book with a strong Christian theme, this popular guide to moving on will be a great comfort and guide.

Books about divorcing a high-conflict spouse

Splitting by Bill Eddy

If you’re breaking up with someone with a legitimate mental health disorder like narcissistic, borderline, or another personality disorder, this book is for you. It helps you stay safe and keep things as amicable as possible with an extremely high-conflict ex.

Whole Again by Jackson MacKenzie

If you need help healing and moving forward after a toxic or abusive marriage, this book can help you get back to your old self — safe and free to be the true you.

Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself by Nedra Glover Tawwab

This book is helpful if you’re learning to set healthy boundaries again. Maybe you lost the confidence to speak up for what you needed in your marriage. Using the advice from this book, you can learn to express what you need without guilt, shame, or fear.


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