Divorce Survival Tips for ENTP Personality Types

The ENTP personality is extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving.

ENTPs tend to be charismatic, curious, and at times, contrarian. They love a good argument, especially an intellectual one, and they take pleasure in debating issues big and small. They generally communicate very well, though unfortunately, their argumentative nature may come across to others as insensitivity at times.

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Tips for handling divorce as an ENTP

Rein in your urge to argue with your soon-to-be-ex

ENTPs are argumentative by nature, and this characteristic can prove damaging in a relationship that’s already rocky. During your divorce, you and your spouse must work out some key details, such as who gets the house or car. And if you share children, it’s even more important for you to keep the peace with your co-parent. 

Consider hiring a neutral party like a mediator (we’ve got flat-rate mediators) to help you smooth out some of the wrinkles between you – or even an attorney to represent you as you wrestle with tough issues.

Resist the urge to procrastinate divorce-related tasks

ENTPs are bored easily, and they sometimes put off the tasks they don’t feel like doing. In divorce, this could be filing your petition or response or crafting a co-parenting agreement with your soon-to-be-ex. But if you fall behind on your massive to-do list, you’ll feel even more overwhelmed. So hold yourself accountable. We recommend Hello Divorce’s Pre-Leaving Checklist and Post-Divorce Checklist to help keep you on track.

Use this as a growth experience

ENTPs possess a somewhat contradictory mix of characteristics: They’re highly interested in personal growth, yet they’re naturally avoidant of painful emotions. So how can you turn the difficult experience of divorce into something positive? Reflect on what has happened and what you have learned. You can do this through a simple activity like journaling or an endeavor like finding and working with a divorce therapist

Process your grief

You may push down uncomfortable emotions, convincing yourself that you’re “over” the relationship when, in reality, you have not yet begun to deal with this loss. Trouble is, if you don’t address the depth of your grief now, those ignored emotions will grow and become an even heavier burden. 

What can you do? Therapy is one option. Support groups are another; though you won’t get individualized professional attention in a support group. That said, you will find others in similar situations in a support group.

Find your hope

It takes someone special to captivate an ENTP’s attention enough to marry them. So when a marriage ends, the loss is exceptionally difficult, even if the ENTP was the one who initiated the divorce. As humans, regardless of our Myers-Briggs personality type, we all need hope. 

Try making a written list of the things in life you have to look forward to. Maybe it’s an upcoming vacation. Perhaps it’s more time to pursue a hobby you love. Or maybe you’re hopeful because you know you’ll ultimately start dating again. Regardless of what you want for your future, embrace the hope of it now.

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As an ENTP, you can take advantage of your natural drive for self-improvement as you move through your divorce. If you’re so inclined, take Hello Divorce along for the ride. We provide a wealth of free resources on our website, a host of flat-rate membership plans, and access to highly qualified account coordinators, attorneys, mediators, and other professionals who can help you not only survive but thrive after your divorce.

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