Erin Levine Founder & CEO

I’ve spent 14 years advising clients, litigating, negotiating and mediating contested and cooperative divorces, and running a respected boutique family law firm in the Bay Area.

I have been a Super Lawyer for the past 5 years and featured in Entrepreneur, Brit+Co, Forbes, mindbodygreen, Above the Law, Hey Mama and many other publications – sharing my expertise as both a lawyer and legal innovator.

Why Hello Divorce?

If you’ve got to be thrown into the court system just to exit a relationship, might as well make it as simple, easy, high quality, convenient and cost effective as possible.

I want to help savvy, diverse, outside the box thinkers, navigate the divorce process when they want and where they want.

What I Do Best

What I do best is make the law behind personal relationships more human and accessible. I assess your needs, honor your personal experience and tailor our services to maximize your benefit, lower your financial exposure, and empower you to embark on a fresh start.


Northridge, CA

Fun Facts

  • I find inspiration in travel, long lazy walks, small towns and getting lost.
  • I was a level 10 gymnast in my teens.
  • I went to a Waldorf high school that did not have text books.
  • I always eat ice cream with a fork.
  • I was on Romper Room when I was a toddler.




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