Erin Levine Founder & CEO

I’ve spent 15 years advising clients, litigating, negotiating and mediating contested and cooperative divorces, and running a respected boutique family law firm in the Bay Area.  And while I have received all the certifications, accolades and awards* that any family lawyer would strive for, I became disillusioned with the system that routes every divorce through court, pitting spouse against spouse. Not being one to shy away from a challenge and being comfortable as the “underdog,” I set out to create an online, ethically compliant, divorce. This is also why I chose Colorado as the second state to launch in – it has one of the most complicated processes in the nation, and it’s exactly what I set out to help people avoid.

Hello Divorce has become the convenient, efficient, divorce option for (ex) couples who want to transition out of relationship without the expense and drama ordinarily associated with divorce. 


*Certified Family Law Specialist, California State Board of Legal Specialization, 2020 ABA James I. Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering Winner, 2019 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation (Clio), 2014 -2020 Super Lawyer, 2018 Duke Law & Tech Accel. Grand Prize, 2019 American Bar Association “Women in Tech,” 2019 Women Founders Network “Top Ten”, 2019 “FastCase 50”, 2020 James I Keen Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering, 2017 Congressional Recognition for Pro Bono Leadership

Why Hello Divorce?

85% + of divorces have at least one self represented party. The average divorce takes approximately 18 months and costs $26,000 (per person). Clearly, it is time for a new option. 

By leveraging technology, utilizing legal assistants and offering access to fixed fee lawyers (when and if you need them), we have cut the average cost on Hello Divorce to $1,500. 

We gain nothing from delay or perpetuating conflict. (you only pay for what you need). Instead, we focus on providing transparency, efficiency and an empowering experience.  Goodbye stress, stigma and drama. Hello hassle free divorce.

What I Do Best

What I do best is make the law behind personal relationships more human and accessible. I spent 15 years collecting and analyzing data – client needs, wants, fears and legal issues. With this information, I create products, services and a supportive, wellness-first platform that serves to decrease conflict, provide meaningful legal assistance and keep (ex) couples focused on the “end” result – a fresh start to a new chapter.

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