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All the Info and Documents You Need for Financial Disclosures

Most of our clients are surprised to hear that even when they’ve reached a full agreement on all divorce-related issues, financial disclosures are still required for the Petitioner. Whether you are using our Divorce Navigator to complete your divorce or you’re a Divorce Plus/ Divorce with Benefits member and you’ve been asked to complete the Divorce Details intake form, the following is a list of the documents that you will need to have ready so that you can get your mandatory financial disclosures completed (Step 2).

Summary of Mandatory Documents
  • Last 2 years of filed tax returns
  • Last 2 months of employment paystubs
  • Business owner? Profit and Loss Report for the previous 2 years and Year-to-date
  • Most recent checking and/or credit union account(s) statement(s)
  • Most recent savings account(s) statement(s)
  • Most recent brokerage account(s) statements(s)
  • Most recent mortgage statement(s)
  • Most recent car loan(s) statement(s)
  • Most recent retirement statement(s) (e.g. 401k or IRA, Pension)
  • Most recent statement(s) restricted stock units, stocks and/or any deferred employee compensation
  • Most recent profit sharing or annuity statement(s)
  • Most recent bonds and/or mutual funds statement(s)
  • Most recent credit card account(s) statement(s)
  • Declaration page for life insurance
  • Most recent financial statement for any other debt/asset
Other Info
  • Health Insurance premium
  • Property taxes and home owners insurance (cost per month)
  • Estimated expenses
  • Fair market value (approx.) of property
  • Childcare cost

If you don’t have all this information when you complete your forms and/or intake, don’t worry. You can easily edit later and/or send to your legal document assistant to include later. We know this is a lot – but it’s the hardest part of the forms / intake process. So once this is behind you – you’ll be that much closer to completing the process. One step at a time….

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